【DnB/Dubstep风格采样包】Zenhiser – Symbiotic

【DnB/Dubstep风格采样包】Zenhiser – Symbiotic


共生物模糊了Liquid DnB,Dubstep,Downtempo,Breaks和发人深省的旋律之间的界限,以提供真正广泛的当代样本和循环集合。将多种类型融合到一个6.4GB的巨型编辑中,非常适合从4转向地面的制作人。


这是您需要但不知道的软件包,465个样本+ 41个midi,全部100%免版税,并提供24位Wav。所有主干都清楚标明了使用速度,并在文件名中提供了速度和键信息,以实现快速访问,并且压缩zip文件的速度惊人,可减少总体下载时间。说真的,您能再打包吗?


Symbiotic blurs the boundaries between Liquid DnB, Dubstep, Downtempo, Breaks and thought provoking melodies to deliver a truly expansive collection of contemporary samples and loops. Fusing multiple genres into one mega 6.4GB compilation works perfectly for producers veering away from 4 to the floor tracks.

Simply put, Symbiotic is a flawless, clear-cut sample library that seizes the current rhythm infused sound of electronic music’s more seductive scenes. Never punching above it’s weight this assortment of eclectic samples and midi branches out into an exquisite selection of usability including fully fledged song starters for instant inspiration, direct drum sounds for snappy rhythms, a huge array of full loops including individual parts for musical instruments, basslines, synths and beats plus an impressive assortment of one shot sounds to add some spice to your future music compositions. Designed to add both flexibility and nostalgic elegance, Symbiotic delivers crisp percussion, thick layered synths and authentic style to an impressive layout of musical superiority.

This is the pack you need but didn’t know, 465 samples + 41 midi, all 100% royalty free and available in 24-Bit Wav. All stems are clearly labelled for speed use, tempo & key information is supplied within file names for fast accessibility and zip files have been amazingly squeezed to reduce overall download time. Seriously, could you ask for anymore in pack!

5 Song Starters – 77 Audio + Midi Stems including full mixes, vocals, drums, basslines, various instruments, synths, pads & pianos
Drums – 01 Kicks – 30
Drums – 02 Hi Hats – 15
Drums – 04 Snares – 45
Drums – 07 Ride – 10
Loops – Basslines – 25
Loops – Drum Loops – 75
Loops – Full Mix – 25
Loops – Midi – 25
Loops – Musical Instruments – 79
Loops – Synth – 50
One Shots – FX – 25
One Shots – Synths – 25

Total Samples – 465
Total Midi – 41
Tempo – 100bpm – 175bpm
Info – Key: Yes
Unzip Size – 6.4GB
Zip Size: 2.5GB

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