【Tech House风格制作课程】Production Music Live-Tech House From Start To Finish Course In Ableton Live

【Tech House风格制作课程】Production Music Live-Tech House From Start To Finish Course In Ableton Live

在本课程中,您将学习如何使用Confession&Blanc风格生产具有现代低音元素的重型Tech House。

您的导师Nervz会为您提供一个独特的制作过程介绍,分享他的技巧,窍门和项目文件,并指导您从初学者到熟练的Tech / Bass House曲目,就像您在工作室里并排坐着一样。


了解产生Tech House危险的所有步骤-从空的项目文件到完成的母版。我们会详细解释所有事情,就像我们坐在您旁边一样。您将确切知道如何实现地板填充轨道!


Tech House即将到来。您将学习哪些踢球工作以及如何处理它们。您需要哪种低音设计和踩hat才能使人们跳舞,或者增加一点摆幅使其有凹槽就变得多么重要。







Your tutor Nervz gives you an exclusive look into his production process, shares his tips, tricks and project files and guides you from your first kick to a mastered Tech/Bass House track as if you were sitting side by side in the studio.

Start to Finish

Learn all steps to produce a Tech House banger – from an empty project file to a finished master. We explain everything in detail as if we are sitting next to you. You will know exactly what to do to achieve floor filling tracks!

Make it Bounce

Tech House is all about the bounce. You will learn which kicks work and how to process them. Which bass sound design and hi hat you need to make people dance or how important it is to add a little swing to make it groove.

Club-ready Quality

After this class you will know how to emphasise your low end without blowing your speakers, how to add depth and atmosphere and how to process spoken word vocals that sit right and the mix. Your track will be ready for the club!


· 4+ h Full Start to Finish Course
· 30 in depth sessions from the first sketch to a finished master
· Ableton Project Files included

From complete scratch we’re producing this exact song. From collecting ideas, sketching drums, designing all sounds individually, arranging, processing the vocals to finished mixed & fully mastered product – ready for the release.


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