【House/BigRoom风格采样包】Baltic Audio – Festival Ammo Vol 1

【House/BigRoom风格采样包】Baltic Audio – Festival Ammo Vol 1

Baltic Audio的“ Festival Ammo Vol 1”包括六个以128 BPM速度敲打的EDM构造套件,每种声音一张照片,MIDI用于最重要的声音,以及许多有关下一次EDM的想法。

Baltic Audio的制作团队花了很长时间与专家合作,从头开始开发该产品。



您将获得超过1450 MB的内存,分为不舒服的旋律线,残酷的合成器以及与之完美匹配的鼓,打击乐和FX。




•6套施工套件(128 BPM)


•超过1450 MB的内容


•每个带有44.1khz / 24位WAV的套件






‘Festival Ammo Vol 1’ from Baltic Audio includes six banging EDM Construction Kits at 128 BPM, with one-shots for every sound, MIDI for the most important sounds, and a lot of ideas for your next EDM banger.

The production team at Baltic Audio spent a long time to team up with experts and develop this product from the ground up.

Each sound is created by experts with the newest production techniques and passion.

These six Constructions Kits are waiting to be discovered and you’ll need them to get your next EDM banger ready.

You’ll get over 1450 MB split into sick melody lines, brutal synths and perfectly matched drums, percussion, and FX.

The anthemic drops answer your need of new and awesome innovative sounds for the clubs.

You’ll get 24-Bit WAV, MIDI and everything with ending tails of reverb, etc.

Product Features:

• 6 Construction Kits (128 BPM)

• Each Kit tagged with perfect KEY

• Over 1450 MB of content

• 100% Royalty-Free

• Every Kit with 44.1khz/24-Bit WAV

• MIDI for the most important sounds included

• One-shots for every sound, tagged with the right pitch

• Unlooped tails allowing you to end a phrase with reverb and/ or delay

• PC & MAC compatible

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