【Future Bass/Chill风格采样预置包】Aubit – ODESSA Vol 1

【Future Bass/Chill风格采样预置包】Aubit – ODESSA Vol 1



凭借“ ODESSA ULTIMATE SOUNDSET VOL 1”领先游戏!Aubit为您带来了ODESZA独特的Future Bass / Chill风格的最佳采样和预设。Aubit声音设计团队手工制作了全部50种血清预设,为它们分配了4个宏,因此您可以立即编辑每种合成器声音中最令人兴奋的部分,使其完全符合您的要求。




并且我们创建了50个打击乐样本,这些样本的灵感来自ODESZA最近发行的声音,所以当我们说这不是一个值得错过的时机,请相信我们。立即获取“ ODESSA ULTIMATE SOUNDSET VOL 1”的副本!

……:::::: 产品规格 ::::::……

•格式:WAV /合成器VSTi预设
•50 x预设(Xfer Records血清)
•23 x突破性的和弦/琴键声音采用众所周知的ODESZA跌落和断裂来模拟,提供即时(WOW)因子。
•14个设计精美的插针,可立即激发任何生产者创建下一个Sure-Fire Chill-Hit。
•09 x下颌低音贴片,绝对增加了重量和力量。
•04 x创造性地考虑了完成任何创意项目的FX补丁。
•04 x(Xfer记录血清杂音)
•50 x声乐片段样本
•50 x打击乐样本
•44.1kHz 24位高质量


Get ahead of the game with the “ODESSA ULTIMATE SOUNDSET VOL 1”! Aubit brings you the very best samples and presets from ODESZA’s unique style of Future Bass/Chill. The Aubit sound design team have hand crafted ALL 50 of the Serum presets to have 4 macros assigned to each them, so you can instantly edit the most exciting part of every synth sound to make it EXACTLY what you want.

At Aubit we are huge fans of ODESZA, which is why we worked day and night to create the most CUTTING-EDGE sounds on the market for his sub-genre. We set out to create sounds that ODESZA would want for his next release.

So this pack is a MUST-HAVE for any producer looking to grow in their own style, and break free from all the noise in the EDM scene. With the click of a button you can blend each and every sound in the pack to create something BRAND NEW that NO OTHER PRODUCER currently has in their catalog.

We also recorded and processed 50 vocal chops, that are DRIPPING with emotion. Twin these vocal chops with any one of the 23 chord/keys presets and you have yourself a melodic-masterpiece.

AND we created 50 percussion samples inspired by sounds from ODESZA’s recent releases, so trust us when we say this is NOT one to miss out on. Get your copy of the “ODESSA ULTIMATE SOUNDSET VOL 1” now!

……:::::: Product Specifications ::::::……

• Format: WAVs/Synthesizer VSTi Presets
• 50 x Presets For (Xfer Records Serum)
• 23 x Ground-Breaking Chord/Keys Sounds Modeled Off Well-Known ODESZA Drops And Breaks That Provide That Instant (WOW) Factor.
• 14 x Beautifully Designed Plucks That Will Instantly Inspire Any Producer To Create The Next Sure-Fire Chill-Hit.
• 09 x Jaw Dropping Bass Patches That Add Weight And Power To Absolutely Anything.
• 04 x Inventively Thought Up FX Patches That Complete Any Creative Project.
• 04 x (Xfer Records Serum Noises)
• 50 x Vocal Chops Samples
• 50 x Percussion Samples
• Key And Tempo-Labelled
• 44.1kHz 24-Bit High Quality
• Compatible With All DAWs
• PC & Mac Compatible

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