【Future House风格采样包】Producer Loops – Essential Future House Volume 1-4

【Future House风格采样包】Producer Loops – Essential Future House Volume 1-4


Producer Loops制作的“ Essential Future House Bundle Vols 1-4s”包含20个出色的Future House制作套件,其中包含干,湿循环,MIDI循环和One-Shot,其灵感来自游戏顶部的艺术家,例如Meduza,Becky Hill,和Goodboy。



……::::::产品规格 :::::…………
• 格式:(. WAVs)和(.MIDIs)
•20 x施工套件–(干/湿)
•20 x混合和掌握的FullMix / Preview演示–(.WAV)
•20 x(.ACIDized WAV)Loops文件夹–(Lead / Pluck / Bass / Drum / FX)
•20 x(.MIDI Loops)文件夹–(Bass / Synth / Lead / Chords)
•20 x (。单发)文件夹–(踢/纳斯/踩//骑行/拍手)
•44.1kHz / 24位高质量


‘Essential Future House Bundle Vols 1-4’ by Producer Loops contains Twenty outstanding Future House Construction Kits, loaded with dry and wet loops, MIDI loops and One-Shots, inspired by artists at the top of their game like Meduza, Becky Hill, and Goodboy.

Inside, you’ll find fifteen Construction Kits, based on major keys and filled with breakdowns and drop key elements such as deep sub basslines, melodic synths and plucks, alongside extremely catchy leads and epic chord progressions. Add to that a host of percussion fills, rolls and an arsenal of FX and impacts, and you start to get an idea of the power and versatility of this bundle.

To complement the amazing and comprehensive set of loops within each Construction Kit, MIDI files containing the melodies are ready to be sliced and rearranged in infinite ways, to create your own variations from the original elements, along with One-Shots folders for those who want to dig deeper and create their own beats.

……:::::: Product Specifications ::::::……
• Format: (.WAVs) & (.MIDIs)
• 20 x Construction Kits – (Dry/Wet)
• 20 x Mixed & Mastered FullMix/Preview Demos – (.WAVs)
• 20 x (.ACIDized WAVs) Loops Folders – (Lead/Pluck/Bass/Drum/FX)
• 20 x (.MIDI Loops) Folders – (Bass/Synth/Lead/Chords)
• 20 x (.One-Shot) Folders – (Kicks/Snares/Hi-Hats/Rides/Claps)
• Key And Tempo-Labelled
• Complete Fully Mixed And Mastered
• 44.1kHz/24-Bit High Quality
• Compatible With All DAWs
• PC & Mac Compatible
• 100% Royalty-Free

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