【Hybrid Trap复古风格采样包】Naderi’s Secret Sauxe Vol.2

【Hybrid Trap复古风格采样包】Naderi’s Secret Sauxe Vol.2

作为行业人物,开拓者和潮流引领者,Naderi来自未来。作为在舞蹈音乐中发展无处不在的旋律低音的艺术家之一,他与Flume,Alison Wonderland,What So Not等艺术家合作,包括在Flume赢得格莱美奖的唱片《 Skin》中的工作。悉尼制作人的第二个Splice Pack提供了宽敞的霓虹色合成器,实现了808次单拍,工业低音刺,以及您需要用来摇动舞池的其他任何东西。


可通过Splice Sounds平台获得独家样品包和制作人收藏。Splice不仅是发现第三方样本的工具,而且还自豪地为Sounds订户提供一些世界上最独特的音频库。每个月,我们将与新歌手紧密合作,为您提供新鲜的内容。


As an industry figure, pioneer, and trendsetter, Naderi comes from the future. Known as one of the artists to develop the now-ubiquitous melodic bass sound in dance music, he’s worked with artists like Flume, Alison Wonderland, What So Not, and more, including his work on Flume’s Grammy-winning record Skin. The Sydney-based producer’s second Splice pack serves up spacey, neon-tinged synths, effected 808 one-shots, industrial bass stabs, and anything else you need to shake a dance floor.

21 Loops
10 One Shots

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