【Pop&EDM多风格采样包】Astro’s Space Candy Sample Pack

【Pop&EDM多风格采样包】Astro’s Space Candy Sample Pack

Astro是来自双子座星球的外星人,他逃脱了他的技术专家制文化,并立即爱上了地球上文化丰富的社会。到达地球后,他成长为全球知名的野兽制作人la Diplo,他乘坐环球飞船与美国,南非,法国及其他地区的艺术家创作了涂料合作的EP。



Astro is an alien from the Planet Gemini that escaped his technocratic culture and immediately fell in love with the culture-rich society on Earth. Once on Earth, he grew into a hype beast global producer, a la Diplo, who travels in a spaceship across the world creating dope collaborative EPs with artists in the US, South Africa, France, and beyond.

Astro establishes take-off with his first Splice pack, beaming down the best of his beats to spread the love. Explore a new dimension of beats with Astro’s original sounds.

144 Loops
39 One Shots

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