【Moombahton风格全套制作构建包】Equinox Sounds Reggaeton and Moombahton Vocals Vol.2

【Moombahton风格全套制作构建包】Equinox Sounds Reggaeton and Moombahton Vocals Vol.2

“ Reggaeton&Moombahton Vocals 2”包括5个制作工具包,其中包含由男歌手以西班牙语录制的声带,并配有多轨乐器(Loops&Stems),可创建最可跳舞的拉丁音乐风格:Reggaeton和Moombahton。您在音频演示中听到的所有音乐和人声都在包装中。包括WAV和MIDI文件。所有的声音都是100%免版税的。

“ Reggaeton&Moombahton Vocals 2”包含5种高品质人声(干声和湿声),以及乐器制作工具包,分为鼓,贝斯琴线,主旋律,弹奏,FX等特有的Loop和Stem。

这些施工套件的灵感来自于诸如J Balvin,Maluma,Pitbull,J Alvarez,Justin Quiles,Gente de Zona,Farruko,Daddy Yankee,Wisin&Yandel,De La Ghetto,Nengo Flow,Arcangel等艺术家的灵感。










•BPM范围:95-102 BPM
•24位/ 44kHz音频质量




‘Reggaeton & Moombahton Vocals 2’ includes 5 Construction Kits featuring vocal tracks recorded in spanish by a male singer complete with multi-track instrumentation (Loops & Stems) for creating the most danceable Latin Music styles: Reggaeton and Moombahton. All the music and vocals you are hearing in the audio demo are in the pack. Includes WAV and MIDI files. All the sounds are 100% Royalty-Free.

‘Reggaeton & Moombahton Vocals 2’ contains 5 high quality vocals (dry & wet) combined with instrumental Construction Kits broken down into individual Loops and Stems featuring drums, basslines, lead melodies, plucks, FX, etc.

These Construction Kits are inspired by artists such as J Balvin, Maluma, Pitbull, J Alvarez, Justin Quiles, Gente de Zona, Farruko, Daddy Yankee, Wisin & Yandel, De La Ghetto, Nengo Flow, Arcangel and more.

Each Kit is provided with the key and BPM information and presented with a full mix and its component parts.

The vocals are supplied as dry and wet versions to give you more flexibility. The collection also includes the MIDI files for the melodic parts of the Construction Kits.

With the included vocal content you’ve got access to polished and professionally mixed vocal stems ready to be chopped, edited and re-mixed into something entirely new.

This pack will also help you learn the secrets of how all these sounds fit together to create a full, solid sounding tune. You can get immediate results with the stem parts, simply listen to the master mix sample, choose the parts you want to use and within minutes you will have the base of a fantastic Reggaeton or Moombahton track.

The loops parts are ready to drop right into your DAW with no editing required.

All the music and vocals heard in the audio demo are included in the pack!


• 5 Male Vocal Construction Kits
• Individual Instrument Loops & Stems Folders
• Vocals Recorded in Spanish Language
• Vocals are Supplied as Dry & Wet Versions
• MIDI Files for the Melodic Parts Included


• BPM & Key Information Provided
• BPM Range: 95-102 BPM
• 24-Bit/44kHz Audio Quality
• 100% Royalty-Free


• WAV (24-Bit)

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