【Future House风格构造套件包】Dropgun Samples – Future House by Rhannes

【Future House风格构造套件包】Dropgun Samples – Future House by Rhannes

RHANNES已经在Spinnin’Records,Armada Music等唱片公司上发行过唱片。他是欧洲EDM行业最受追捧的联合/鬼魂制作人之一。他的曲目得到了Hardwell,Don Diablo,David Guetta,Fedde Le Grand,Firebeatz,Lucas&Steve等所有主要舞蹈广播电台和DJ的支持。

现在,Dropgun Samples乐于展示独家的样品包装产品。由RHANNES。在RHANNES Future House中,您会发现超赞的男性声带和带有预置的超酷旋律式滴音,可以使您的音轨更加出色。


该样本包将在许多类型中有用,例如Electro House,Future House以及Deep House和Pop。这正是您制作出色曲目所需要的。


总文件大小:702 MB(未压缩)
5 x施工套件

RHANNES has already releases on labels like Spinnin’ Records, Armada Music and etc. He is one of the most demanded co/ghost-producer in European EDM industry. His tracks got support from all major dance radio stations and DJ’s like Hardwell, Don Diablo, David Guetta, Fedde Le Grand, Firebeatz, Lucas & Steve and etc.

And now Dropgun Samples are happy to present an exclusive sample-pack prod. by RHANNES. In RHANNES Future House you will find awesome male vocal hooks and cool melodic drops with presets that will make your tracks much better.

5 construction kits full of cool chords, melodies, drums and presets, which will help in work with your productions! 5 breakdowns with professional vocals, recorded in a professional studio.

This sample pack will be useful in many genres, such as Electro House, Future House but also Deep House and Pop. It’s exactly what you need for making a great track.

Content of the pack:

Total File Size: 702 MB (Un-Zipped)
Total Audio Files: 251
Total MIDI Files: 26
Total Presets Files: 32 (Sylenth1, Serum)
5 x Construction Kits

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