【Future Bounce风格MIDI旋律套件包】Essential Audio – Media Future Bounce Melodies Vol.6

【Future Bounce风格MIDI旋律套件包】Essential Audio – Media Future Bounce Melodies Vol.6

“ Future Bounce Melodies Vol 6”为您带来另一套40个旋律套件,分为贝司,和弦和主MIDI循环。这个包的灵感来自艺术家,例如Mike Williams,Mesto,Brooks,Justin Mylo等。

创作完美的旋律有时可能要花费数小时和数小时,因此请不要浪费时间,并使用这些旋律来启发您的下一个Future Bounce曲目。

由于所有旋律都分为不同的部分,因此此包总共包含120个MIDI文件,当您制作令人上瘾的Future Bounce旋律或找到正确的和弦进行过程中遇到任何麻烦时,您肯定会找到帮助。

这个包是由Essential Audio Media最好的Future Bounce制作人之一制作的,他们还为Alan Walker进行了正式混音,并且确切地知道如何制作吸引人的旋律。



‘Future Bounce Melodies Vol 6’ brings you another set of 40 melody Kits splitted into bass, chords and lead MIDI loops. This pack was inspired by artists such as Mike Williams, Mesto, Brooks, Justin Mylo, and many more.

Creating the perfect melody can take sometimes hours and hours, so don’t waste your time and use these melodies for inspiration for your next Future Bounce track.

Because all melodies were separated into different parts, this pack contains 120 MIDI files in total, and you’ll definitely find help when you have any troubles when making catchy Future Bounce melodies or finding the right chord progressions.

This pack was made again by one of Essential Audio Media’s best Future Bounce producers who also made an official remix for Alan Walker and knows exactly how to make catchy melodies.

Pack contains:

• 40 MIDI Melody Kits
• 120 MIDI Files in Total
• Key-Labelled
• Multi-Genre
• 100% Royalty-Free

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