【Future Bass风格采样包合集】AUDENTITY – Future Bass Sample Packs Bundle

【Future Bass风格采样包合集】AUDENTITY – Future Bass Sample Packs Bundle




Audentity Records的“#1 Future Bass”是一种全新的Future Pop样本包,其灵感来自Chainsmokers,Allison Wonderland,Slushii等艺术家。

在此软件包中,您将找到6个构建套件–您只需将所有内容拖放到您喜欢的DAW中即可。在寻找Future Bass类型的灵感吗?这项新产品将为您带来新鲜的灵感和创意。

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您是否正在寻找带有新的原始旋律,构想和样本的全新的Future Bass样本包?“ Melodic Future Bass”具有2017年清新的声音,这使得当前的Future Bass与去年完全不同。带有7个FULL Construction Kits,包括所有Midis,大多数预设和许多One Shots(鼓和合成器),此套件包含用于您下一次舞步粉碎的所有工具!所有免版税,因此您可以在未经我们许可的情况下将这些内容用于获胜发行。


我们今年以其受欢迎的Future Bass包装而闻名,因为它们在所有排行榜中均排名第一。这款名为“ Future Bass&Chill Trap”的新专辑将Future Bass的流派提升到一个全新的水平:从爵士和弦进行到大气合成器线条,甜美的音色到新时代的合成器,打击垫到to弦和弦,复古弹奏到黑暗的未来派琴键以及多得多。

一切就在这里,您的新Future Bass生产工具触手可及!该包包含7个FULL构造工具包,预设,侧链和非侧链环,Synthloop,Bassloop,One Shots和带有专门的Future Bass Drumsounds的FULL地图!

适用于诸如Future Bass,Chill Trap,Hip Hop,Dubstep,Deep House和Bass House之类的风格,或任何其他需要一些鼓舞人心的旋律,和弦和新低音线的流派。


巨大的包装,内含7种FULL结构套件,预设和一发鼓音。Audentity制作了具有最新和最酷的超级未来低音声音的超级组合,这是现在的巨大新类型。我们为您提供7种完整的制作工具包,其中包括带有一枪和预设的著名的Future Bass感觉。

“ Super Bass Super Pack”为您提供最新的Future Bass和Chillstep音色,其中包括7个制作套件,140个打击,打击乐器,帽子,宽拍手和军鼓以及血清预设。还有一些声音的所有One Shot Waves ..您从未如此灵活。


从Wall Shakinq低音声音,Drop Worthy Synth Attack声音,肮脏的Analoq键盘声音,LFO movinq合成声音补丁,interestinq和refreshinq Arp,Modulated和Ever Chanqin Motoin Future Bass Leads,这是一个必不可少的工具包。

此包不仅可用于Future Bass,而且还可用于许多其他不同的音频,如EDM,Bass House,Dance,Techno等。


适用于XFer“ Serum”的全新预设套件(+1套免费赠品建筑工具包)该套件包含2个独家银行,第一银行由我们自己的团队生产,第二银行由老板独家组成。总计83 + 87 = 170个预设!

还包括所有用于血清的波形表和尼古斯,它们属于预设。额外的奖励:我们还在音频爱人包中添加了一个带有构造爱心的孩子。clubmidis,词干和预设!(=演示中的sonq 2)。适用于Future Bass,Future House,EDM,Future Pop和许多其他琴。


“ Future Bass Essentials”为您带来七个完整的套件,其中包括梦幻般的故障,高潮和旋律,预置,MIDI,底鼓和一拍WAV。

Future Bass是2016年最受欢迎的类型之一。这种风格典型的幻想式“动力锯和弦”现在终于可以播放了。这是您加入成名游戏的机会,因为这种新类型才刚刚开始,因此制作人有机会大刀阔斧地成为舞蹈文化中的下一件大事。


#1 Future Bass

‘#1 Future Bass’ by Audentity Records is a brandnew Future Pop samplepack, inspired by artists like Chainsmokers, Allison Wonderland, Slushii and others.

Inside this pack you will find 6 Construction Kits – you can just drag and drop everything into your favourite DAW. Looking for some inspiration for the Future Bass genre? This new product will brings you fresh inspiration and creative ideas.

Zen Pack Vol. 1

Hailing from Sweden, Zen has already released some good quality music and sample packs in the past, but he thought it was about time to go to the next level with this new sample pack. ZEN loves 808s and arps, and this pack got plenty of both.

ZEN is trying to push the boundaries in trap and hip-hop with his electronic and analog inspired sounds, ranging from plucky arps to warm chords and other experimental sounds with a splash of futurism.

All Royalty-Free.

Melodic Future Bass

Are you looking for a fresh new Future Bass samplepack with new original melodies, ideas and samples? ‘Melodic Future Bass” has that fresh 2017 sound which makes the current Future Bass totally different then last year. With 7 FULL Construction Kits with all the midis, most presets and lots of One Shots (Drums and Synths) this pack has all the tools for your next dance smash! All royalty free, so you can use this content for your won releases without our permission.

Future Bass and Chill Trap

We are known for their popular Future Bass packs this year as they all went #1 in all Charts. This new pack called ”Future Bass & Chill Trap” takes the Future Bass genre to a whole new level: from jazzy chord progressions to atmospheric synth lines, luscious leads to new age synths, pads to chubbing chords, retro plucks to dark futuristic keys and much more.

It’s all here,your new Future Bass production tool at your finger tips! The pack is filled with 7 FULL Construction Kits, Presets, Sidechained and Non Sidechained loops, Synthloops, Bassloops, One Shots and a FULL map with specialized Future Bass Drumsounds!

Suitable for styles like Future Bass, Chill Trap, Hip Hop, Dubstep, Deep House and Bass House or any other genre that needs some inspirational melodies, chords and new basslines.

Future Bass Super Pack

Huge pack with 7 FULL Construction Kits, Presets, and One Shot Drum sounds. Audentity has made a super pack with the newest and coolest super Future Bass sounds,the new genre which is HUGE right now. We give you 7 full construction kits with that famous Future Bass feel with one shots and presets included.

‘Super Bass Super Pack’ delivers you the newest Future Bass and Chillstep sounds, with 7 Construction Kits, 140 Kicks, Percussion, Hats, Wide Claps & Snares and Presets for Serum. Also all the One Shot Wavs of some of the sounds.. you have never been so flexible.

Creative Future Bass

From Wall Shakinq Bass sounds, Drop Worthy Synth Attack Chops, Dirty Analoq keyboard Sounds, LFO movinq synth patches, interestinq and refreshinq Arp’s, Modulated and Ever Chanqin Motoin Future Bass Leads, this is a MUST HAVE pack.

Not only is this pack usable for Future Bass, but also for lots of other different qenres like EDM, Bass House, Dance, Techno and more.

Future Bass For Serum

Brand new Presets pack for XFer ”Serum” (+ 1 FREE Bonus Constructoin Kit) The pack has 2 exclusive banks, the first bank is produced by our own team and the 2nd bank is exclusively composed by the boss.A total of 83 + 87 = 170 PRESETS!!

Also included are all used Wavetables and Nioses for Serum which belonq to the presets. Bonus: we also added 1 constructoin kid in the pack with audiolove.club midis, stems and presets! (= sonq 2 in the demo). Suitable for Future Bass, Future House, EDM, Future Pop and many other qenres.

Future Bass Essentials

‘Future Bass Essentials’ brings you seven full Kits with dreamy breakdowns, climaxes and melodic drops, presets, MIDI, kicks and one shot WAVs.

One of the most popular genres in 2016 is Future Bass. The fantasic ‘powersaw chord’ sound typical of this genre is now finally delivered. This is your chance to join the game of fame, as this new genre has just started so producers have the opportunity to catch a big break and become the next big thing in dance culture.

Chill beats, digital percussion, deep bassline, powerful chords, pitched vocal cuts, and cool arps are all here.
This pack is 100% Royalty-Free, so join this new genre, make your track with this pack and get yourself a release on the bigger labels.

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