【EDM多风格人声采样包】Splice Sounds – Love Vox Vol. 1

【EDM多风格人声采样包】Splice Sounds – Love Vox Vol. 1

在新的绰号下,Buck推出了Love Vox,这是一系列具有深度,感觉和令人印象深刻质感的经过抛光和未打磨的人声样本。Buck拥有为流行艺术家写作和制作音乐,热门电视节目和广告活动的记录,展示了一个庞大的人声库,结合了流行声与低保真度,原始的情感内容和独特的声音捕捉。这个包能够在流行音乐,嘻哈音乐,电子音乐,民谣音乐,独立音乐以及其他介于两者之间的流派中创造出空间。

Under a new moniker, Buck puts forth Love Vox, a collection of polished and unpolished vocal samples with depth, feeling, and impressive texture. With a track record of writing and producing music for popular artists, hit television shows and ad campaigns, Buck presents a substantial vocal library combining pop sheen with lo-fi, raw emotional content, and unique soundscaping. This pack is capable of carving out space in genres from pop to hip hop, electronic to folk, indie, and others in between.

Along with one shots are full verses, rare hooks, eerie harmonies, and a sprinkling of wild creations and instrumental sounds. If you’re looking to add unique signature-flavor to your tracks, look no further. Also, pick up Love Vox if you want to win over the love of your life.

Keep an eye out for more surprising releases from RARE percussion!

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