【House人声旋律采样包】Sample Tools By Cr2 – Melodic Vocal House

【House人声旋律采样包】Sample Tools By Cr2 – Melodic Vocal House

受到MEDUZA和贝基·希尔(Becky Hill)和《好男孩》(Goodboys)等歌手的音乐的启发。声乐 屋。是Cr2的Sample Tools提供的最新制作工具包,其中包含了一系列不可缺少的免版税人声,以及高质量的白金环和一杆。

此包从MEDUZA的成功和声音中汲取灵感,并与英国制作三人组Goodboys合作推出了2019年突破性歌曲“ Piece of Your Heart”。发行后,该曲在英国单曲榜上排名第二,并最终获得了格莱美最佳舞蹈唱片奖提名。



Inspired by the sounds of MEDUZA and singers such as Becky Hill and Goodboys, Melodic. Vocal. House. is the latest production toolkit from Sample Tools by Cr2 featured a stellar collection of indispensable royalty free vocals as well as high-quality, platinum loops and one shots.

This pack takes inspiration from the success and sound of MEDUZA with their 2019 breakthrough song “Piece of Your Heart”, which was a collaboration with British production trio Goodboys. It reached number two on the UK Singles Chart upon release, and was eventually nominated for the Grammy Award for Best Dance Recording.

The sample pack centres around over 300 professional quality samples (all 100% royalty fee) as well as 5 songstarter construction kits all featuring processed (dry and wet) vocal stems and samples. If this still hasn’t sold this sample pack to you, just listen to the energy of the demo which includes ALL the sounds featured in the pack.

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