【R&B风格采样包】Splice – Originals Frost February RnB

【R&B风格采样包】Splice – Originals Frost February RnB


这个包是关于冬天舒适的一切。有人称其为“冬季”。我们从Daniel R. B,Daniel Ceasar,Frank Ocean和SZA等现代R&B艺术家的影响中汲取灵感,以冰雪边缘录音中的冰雪边缘录音为基础,制作了彩色和弦和进行曲的集合,并添加了纹理。就像一个寒冷的夜晚发出的嘶哑的火焰一样,CS80克隆之类的温暖合成器,Deckard’s Dream是这款背包的骨干。


This pack is all about getting cozy for the winter months. Some call it “wintering.” We pulled influences from modern R&B artists such as Daniel Ceasar, Frank Ocean, and SZA to craft a collection of colored chords and progressions with added textures from ice and snow field recordings for an icy edge. Like a crackling fire on a cold night, warm synths like the CS80 clone, Deckard’s Dream were the backbone of this pack.

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