【Hybrid Trap风格采样包】Zenhiser – Trap Dynamite (4GB Of Trap Samples, Loops, Stems & Midi)

【Hybrid Trap风格采样包】Zenhiser – Trap Dynamite (4GB Of Trap Samples, Loops, Stems & Midi)



炸药炸弹可满足各种城市口味,提供了400多个样本和80多种中音,涵盖了激进的低音线,敲打节拍,人声排骨,磨砂铅线,巨大的808动臂,巨型铜管一声,坚硬的鼓声,完全成熟的乐曲起子和随附于midi的这个Trap样本库是新的必备工具包,可用来探索您的音乐制作潜力。立即使用涵盖所有边界的资料库让果汁流淌,由于Trap样品的种类繁多,Trap Dynamite提供了无穷的可能性,此包涵盖了从奇异的鼓声到节拍结构,中音到中音的所有内容探索您的编程潜力,完整的混音循环以及相关的各个部分,可实现瞬间的节奏感和锦上添花的结实……剥落的5个敲击陷阱音轨为所有制作人的战争提供了荣耀的每一个旋律元素。如果有任何装备可以提升陷阱技能,陷阱炸药将用剩下的满满的坦克来做到。



Zenhiser returns with a huge bag of Trap goodies. Pounding the way with 4GB of genre bending Trap samples, loops, one shots, midi, fx and stems this flawlessly produced collection fuses melodic elements with downright nasty material. The perfect concoction of good and beastly paves the way for the possibility of production greatness and beyond.

Trap Dynamite caters for a wealth of urban tastes, with over 400 samples and 80+ midi covering aggressive basslines, pounding beats, vocal chops, abrasive lead lines, immense 808 booms, jumbo brass one shots, rigid drum sounds, fully fledged song starters and accompanying midi this Trap sample library is the new must have pack to explore your music production potential. Immediately get your juices flowing with a library that covers all the boundaries, Trap Dynamite serves up an insane amount of possibilities due to the diverse line up of Trap samples, this pack has you covered for everything from singular drum sounds for beat construction, midi to explore your programming potential, full mix loops with associated individual parts for instantaneous pounding rhythms and the icing on the cake… 5 banging Trap tracks stripped down to deliver every melodic element in it’s glory for all out producer warfare. If any pack is going to lift your Trap skills, Trap Dynamite will do it with a full tank left over.

As always, all the Trap samples & loops within this library are 100% royalty free and available for immediate download after purchase. Audio is delivered in 24-Bit Wav with all individual parts supplied for full mixes and song starters. Midi is included as standard, zip files are generously squeezed to reduce download time and everything you hear in the preview is included in the pack!


Drums – 01 Kicks – 20
Drums – 02 Hi Hats Open – 10
Drums – 03 Hi Hats Closed – 10
Drums – 04 Snares – 20
Drums – 05 Claps – 10
Drums – 06 Percussion – 20
Drums – 07 Toms – 5
Drums – 08 Crashes – 5
Loops – Basslines – 37
Loops – Drum Beats – 79
Loops – Full Mix – 25
Loops – Midi – 51
Loops – Instruments & Synth – 64
One Shots – 808 Booms – 20
One Shots – Bass Hits – 10
One Shots – Brass – 10
One Shots – Leads – 10
Vocal Loops – 8
Song Starters – 05 (includes full mixes, drums, basslines, chords, leads, midi, percussion, vocal chants, synths, melodies) – 99

Total Samples – 430
Total Midi – 83
Tempo – 92bpm – 169bpm
Info – Key: Yes
Unzip Size – 4.0GB

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