【Dance Pop风格采样包】Dropgun Samples – Ritmo Dance Pop

【Dance Pop风格采样包】Dropgun Samples – Ritmo Dance Pop



在我们的新样本包中,您将发现大量明亮而甜美的内容,这些内容受J Balvin,Maluma,DJ Snake,Major Lazer等艺术家的启发。我们希望提供此流派固有的最佳质量和最佳声音。千万不要错过机会在我们的宝贝中尝试我们的背包!


Reggaeton is one of the most basic genres in the world charts right now, so why not plunge headlong into it? A world of Afro trap music, pounding drums and bright melodic moods.

In our new sample pack you will find a huge amount of bright and sweet content, inspired by artists such as J Balvin, Maluma, DJ Snake, Major Lazer and many more. We want to offer the best quality and the best sounds that are native to this genre. Don’t miss the opportunity to try our pack in your daw!


164 One Shots Drum
243 Music Loops
50 Sick Drum Loops
23 One Shots Bass
22 One Shots Melodic
19 Vocals Chants & Phrases

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