【EDM人声采样包】KARRA Presents Two Fang Vocal Pack

【EDM人声采样包】KARRA Presents Two Fang Vocal Pack


如我们的使用条款所述,未经Two Fang或KARRA的明确书面许可,您不得使用Two Fang或KARRA的名称,图像或肖像。卡拉(KARRA)自豪地推出了带有两个牙叉的人声组合。KARRA被她飘渺,烟熏的嗓音所吸引,并为她的适应能力所打动,她知道Two Fang是这款背包的理想合作者。依托两个方(Fang)的神秘和困扰的人声风格,两人放下了具有其他音阶的人声,具有较小的音阶,喜怒无常的音调和令人愉悦的投射。但是,如果没有一些意外的时刻,也不会是KARRA Presents礼包。演示Two Fang的射程和控制力时,您还将发现一些强大的皮带。


As described in our Terms of Use, you may not use Two Fang or KARRA’s name, image or likeness without Two Fang or KARRA’s express written permission. KARRA proudly presents a vocal pack with Two Fang. Drawn in by her ethereal, smokey vocals and impressed by her adaptability, KARRA knew Two Fang was the ideal collaborator for this pack. Leaning into Two Fang’s mysterious and haunting style of vocals, the two laid down otherwordly vocals featuring minor scales, moody tones, and breathy projection. But it wouldn’t be a KARRA Presents pack without a few unexpected moments in there as well. Demonstrating Two Fang’s range and control, you’ll also stumble on some powerful belts.

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