【EDM多风格人声采样包】VOX Women Make Waves Vocal Pack

【EDM多风格人声采样包】VOX Women Make Waves Vocal Pack




‘Women Make Waves’ is a one-of-a-kind vocal sample collection. In celebration of International Women’s Month, we asked 31 artists, songwriters, and producers to contribute their unique flavour to this diverse and colourful range of vocal samples. Not only do these sounds represent their unique style, but they’re also designed to inspire and spark creativity in any producer.
This pack has something for everyone including pop vocal hooks, hip hop beatboxing, multi-language adlibs, experimental vocal sound FX, catchy vocal synths, resampled soul, electronic chops and drops, vocoders, pitched voices, vocal risers, and much more suitable for every genre.

A special thanks to the vocalists/producer artists who contributed to this pack. Please follow and support their work:

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