【Hybrid Trap&Dubstep风格采样包】Sample Tools By Cr2 – Hybrid Trap

【Hybrid Trap&Dubstep风格采样包】Sample Tools By Cr2 – Hybrid Trap



如果您喜欢野蛮的下落和充满活力的积聚,那么这就是您的理想之选。Hybrid Trap将重击陷阱与dubstep和未来低音元素融合在一起,为您提供独特的高强度声音选择。

受到NGHTMRE,Fabian Mazur,NXSTY和Virtual Riot之类的启发,这款多功能背包具有令人难以置信的低音设计,强劲的鼓声,恶性的音色和动感的人声。期望找到震撼人心的低音效果,激进的低音圈,动摇的合成器舔音以及蓬勃发展的808样本,松散的鼓圈和脊椎刺痛的FX元素。



If you love savage drops and energetic buildups then this is the pack for you. Hybrid Trap blends hard hitting trap with elements of dubstep and future bass, providing you with a unique selection of high intensity sounds.

Inspired by the likes of NGHTMRE, Fabian Mazur, NXSTY, and Virtual Riot, this versatile pack boasts some incredible bass design, powerful drums, vicious leads, and dynamic vocals. Expect to find soul shaking bass shots, aggressive bass loops, wonky synth licks, as well as booming 808 samples, slappy drum loops, and spine tingling FX elements.

Furthermore this sample pack includes three high energy demo kits, of which two include a vocal topline. Each demo kit is fully broken down into corresponding loops and one shots, providing you with an extensive arsenal of prodigious sounds.

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