【Deep House&Tropical House风格采样包】NITELIFE Audio Luminescence

【Deep House&Tropical House风格采样包】NITELIFE Audio Luminescence

在NITELIFE Audio精心策划的衷心旋律中,重新采样的即兴演奏,尘土飞扬的爵士键和空中钢琴会与动情吉他,池畔音阶和极好的琶音相遇。使用一系列我们最喜欢的舷外和硬件进行制作和处理,包括定制的压缩机,精品吉他踏板,Roland SP-404等,这些歌曲开头的主题必将为从事音乐制作的制作人提供良好的共鸣感和专业的音乐才能深层房屋,热带房屋,爵士屋,车库,深情的电子乐等等,可以按原样切碎,倾斜,重新采样或丢弃。


Resampled riffs, dusty jazz keys, and hands-in-the-air house pianos meet emotive guitars, poolside progressions, and blissed-out arps in this carefully curated collection of heartfelt melodics from NITELIFE Audio. Created and processed using a range of our favourite outboard and hardware, including custom compressors, boutique guitar pedals, our Roland SP-404, and more, these songs-starting motifs are sure to provide feel-good vibes and expert musicianship for producers working in deep house, tropical house, jazz house, garage, soulful electronica and more and can be chopped, pitched, resampled, or dropped in as-is.

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