【Stamped House风格采样包】Hy2rogen – Stamped House Sample Pack

【Stamped House风格采样包】Hy2rogen – Stamped House Sample Pack


我们着火了,并返回从地下实验室直接释放出令人兴奋的新4GB +样本包,将现在的声音带到您家门口。

脸部声音组合包含10个完全剥离的构造套件(将每个乐器放在其单独的轨道上),其灵感来自领先的舞蹈音乐唱片公司,例如STMPD,Revealed,Spinnin’s Records,Musical Freedom,Protocol , 等等。


总而言之,您将以WAV,MIDI和Sampler Patches文件的形式提供10个完全剥离的构造套件形式的4GB +内容。要更深入,您可以找到692个WAV文件,18个MIDI文件和24个采样器音色(例如,Ext,Kontakt,Halion)。所有贝司线,合成器和人声也包括干湿混音输出,因此您可以根据自己的喜好进行处理。

所有音频内容都已导出为24条长的WAV文件,并且质量为24bit 44.1Khz。所有音乐元素的末尾都有一个额外的小节,以捕捉混响/释放/延迟尾巴。

We are on fire and returns to unleash a new exciting 4GB+ sample pack straight from the underground laboratory that brings the sound of now to your doorstep.

Packed with 10 fully-stripped construction kits (delivering each instrument on it’s own separate track), this assembly of in-your-face sounds has been inspired by leading dance music labels such as STMPD, Revealed, Spinnin’ Records, Musical Freedom, Protocol, etc.

In this 4GB+ inspiration source you can expect to find solid drums, syncopated and wobble infused basslines, processed magical slick flutes, various synth loops, pre-drop drum fills, stabs & chords, vocal chops and all over the place sound effects that spice up the atmosphere plus many others in between. All of these kits are equipped with a pre-drop / small breakdown that will be helpful when developing a fully extended idea. You also have multiple variations included with each construction kit as all of the song starters extend up to 24 bars long.

To sum it all up what you get is 4GB+ of content in the form of 10 fully-stripped construction kits delivered as WAV, MIDI and Sampler Patches files. To get even deeper you can find exactly 692 WAV files, 18 MIDI files and 24 Sampler Patches (Exs, Kontakt, Halion). Dry & Wet exports are also included for all the basslines, synths and vocals so you can process these at your liking.

All of the audio content has been exported as 24 bars long WAV files and at a quality of 24bit 44.1Khz. All music elements have one extra bar at the end to catch the reverb/release/delay tails.

  • 4GB+
  • 24bit 44.1Khz quality
  • 10 fully stripped song starters
  • 734 total files
  • 692 WAV files
  • 18 MIDI files
  • 24 bars long
  • 62 drum loops
  • 47 synth loops
  • 237 one shots
  • 125-126 bpm
  • includes drums, bass, fx, synths, vocals
  • breakdown + drop
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