【Bass House风格预Serum设包】Hy2rogen – Smacking Bass House For Serum

【Bass House风格预Serum设包】Hy2rogen – Smacking Bass House For Serum


在之前的Bass House For Serum预设集合之后,这部分独家低音推进器的灵感来自Tiesto,Imanbek,Tujamo,R3hab,Dynoro,Vinai,Don Diablo,Dyro, Tchami,Vize,Afrojack,Mesto,Ofenbach,Yves V和著名的唱片公司,如Spinnin’,STMPD,Future House Music,OWSLA,Hexagon,Music Freedom,立陶宛总部等。

在内部,您可以期望找到比演示更详细的操作,并且所有内容都可以在未来的房屋,g房屋,巴掌屋,摇摆,深沉,高科技等乐器中达到所有低音房屋风格。您一定会找到流行的第一拍号角注入低音刺,您一直在寻找的理想巴西低音预设,凹槽演奏家击鼓手,前卫风格和LFOed气味以及与低音音乐相关的所有其他信息。这些预设还可以与其他流派一起使用,例如edm trap,dubstep,鼓和贝斯等等。



请注意:仅包含血清的贝司合成器预设。鼓,人声和效果不包括在内,仅用于演示目的。此收藏集需要Xfer Serum v.1332或更高版本!


We are  delighted to unveil a new preset collection in the form of 100 lock & load chiseled bass house speaker-punishers for one of the most popular and widely used virtual synthesizers – Serum.

Following up with our previous Bass House For Serum collection of presets, this new portion of exclusive bass thrusters has been infused with inspiration from the sound of popular artists such as Tiesto, Imanbek, Tujamo, R3hab, Dynoro, Vinai, Don Diablo, Dyro, Tchami, Vize, Afrojack, Mesto, Ofenbach, Yves V and reputable labels such as Spinnin’, STMPD, Future House Music, OWSLA, Hexagon, Musical Freedom, Lithuania HQ, etc.

Inside you can expect to find more action than what the demo details with everything being ready to hit all bass house flavors from future house, g house, slap house, wobble, deep, tech and others. You will surely find the popular first beat horn infused bass stabs, those ideal brazilian bass presets you’ve been looking for, groove house hitters, futuresque and LFOed scents and everything else bass music related. These presets also work with other genres such as edm trap, dubstep, drum & bass and beyond.

This powerhouse comes equipped with 100 bass presets that can be molded to your liking with a pinch of a button, turning almost every bass stab into a new version carrying your personal touch.

All of the bass sounds used in the audio demo are from this preset collection and disclose a fraction of what you can do with them. The pack also contains recreations of popular sounds.

Please note: Only bass synth presets for Serum are included. The drums, vocals and effects are not included and are for demo purposes only. This collection requires Xfer Serum v.1332 or higher!

  • Synthesizer Presets
  • 100 bass presets
  • Serum v1.332 and above
  • useful for bass house, edm, drum & bass, hybrid trap, dubstep and beyond
  • contains recreations of popular sounds
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