【RiddimDubstep风格采样包】Soundsmiths Ultimate Bass Drop Collection

【RiddimDubstep风格采样包】Soundsmiths Ultimate Bass Drop Collection



由场景中的制作人创建,每一个声音都是通过对流派的热爱而精心制作的。灵感来自现代“ Riddim”声音中的刺耳的踩踏声音,我们以非常荒谬的声音进行了特殊的演奏,一定会让您的头点点头……很难……也许太难了。


除了显而易见的是,该系列产品还适合在Bass House,DnB,Electro,Grime,Glitch以及任何其他讨价还价的东西上寻找一套工具的生产商。

  • 24位/ 48Khz
  • 116低音循环
  • 78个完整鼓循环/上循环/下循环
  • 62首打鼓
  • 38个FX循环
  • 24个旋律环
  • 18个垫环
  • 33种血清预设


Prepare for bass-face as Ultimate bass drop collection is finally here! A complete toolkit of oneshots, loops and presets that are guaranteed to inject a heavy dose of filth into your productions.

Created by producers within the scene, every single sound has been painstakingly crafted with love for the genre. Inspired by the hard-hitting steppy sounds of the modern ‘Riddim’ sound, we come with a very special take on a very ridiculous sound that is sure to get your head nodding… hard…maybe too hard.

Packed full of disgusting production-ready bass sounds that you can drop straight in or dig deep into the presets to see how the sounds were made and use as a launchpad to make your own gnarly sounds. Then the hard hitting drum shots and unique drum loops will provide you with an instant skeleton to hang your bass on. The melodic loops, warm and wide pads bring the vibes while a full set of synthesised FX sounds are there to sprinkle in for flavour. All of our content has been key tagged and expertly programmed for your convenience.

As well as the obvious this collection would suit any producer looking for a set of tools on the heavy side of Bass House, DnB, Electro, Grime, Glitch and anything else begging for some filth.

  • 24bit / 48Khz
  • 116 Bass Loops
  • 78 Full Drum Loops / Top Loops / Bottom Loops
  • 62 Drum Hits
  • 38 FX Loops
  • 24 Melodic Loops
  • 18 Pad Loops
  • 33 Serum Presets
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